Hints & Suggestions -- June 20, 2016

You can create and test your web pages on your computer, without accessing the internet.

To create, or modify, an HTML file, you will need a text editor. Windows and Macintosh computers have a built in text editor. See the "editors" page on this site for additional information

To open a :"local" page (i.e. an HTML file stored on your computer), launch a browser and then type ctrl-o (i.e. hold down the control key and tapthe letter "o")

You can use any browser. I recommend Chrome, but Firefox, "Internet Explorer", Edge, Safari and other browsers should all work fine.

You can then transfer your local web page files (index.html, image files etc. ) to the "ssweb.us" web server by using the Filezilla program (instructions are on this web site)

You can veiw the source code of any web page by right-clicking it and choosing "View Source"

On most web pages, and always when viewing source, you should be able to select text and copy it and then paste it to your editor. The steps to do this are:

On most web pages you can download a picture from the page to your computer by right clicking it and then choosing to save the image or the link. You may have to play with it. Some pages do not permit copying in this way.

An alternate way of capturing a picture from a web page, and storing it in a local file is to use the built in screen capture in the Windows and Macintosh systems. On windows it is an accessory called "Snipping tool".