Python - Getting Started at Home - June 2016

In order to create and run Python programs at home you will need to download and install the Python system. The install package is downloaded from


You can find YouTube videos showing how to do this for various versions of Windows (7, 8, 10 ) and for Macintonsh. Here is one for Windows 7:


After following those instructions you will launch the "Idle" program and will see the same interface we used in class for the summer scholars.

There are many tutorial videos for Idle on Youtube. Here is one that I liked:


If you want to get serious about learning and using Python after you have worked in Idle for a while:

There are lots of videos on YouTube, and lots of other resources (tutorials, examples, referennce sites etc. ) that you can find with Google

The next step would be to download a text editor (I like Notepad++) and start running your programs from the Windows command prompt (or the Mac "console" prompt)

If you have any problems, especially if you get stuck, please email me ( or call me at 276-608-3060